What Taiwan must do to forestall a warfare with China | DW Analysis

Taiwan has voted in a brand new President who now faces the daunting problem of reforming Taiwan’s defenses in opposition to the specter of invasion by China.
In this particular report, DW’s Richard Walker finds out what incoming President Lai Ching-te must do to get Taiwan prepared – within the face of repeated threats from China’s Xi Jinping.
In Part 1 we hear from the previous head of Taiwan’s navy, Lee Hsi-min, who says Taiwanese politicians have spent an excessive amount of cash on prestigious weapons that might be little use in an invasion situation. Instead he says Taipei must go all-in on an “asymmetric” technique, studying partially from Ukraine’s expertise. But as we uncover, there are political hurdles to creating that occur. And we hear from an influential US international coverage analyst who served within the Trump administration – how a President Trump 2.0 would possibly view Taiwan’s state of affairs.
Part 2 explores whether or not Taiwan can attain out to China to scale back tensions – given {that a} majority of Taiwanese voted for candidates who sought a reset with China. A Chinese skilled provides us Beijing’s view on the prospects. And we analyze whether or not there’s any likelihood of Xi Jinping rethinking his threats.
Part 3 exposes main wildcards which may scramble Taiwan’s calculations – from a narrowly divided parliament that may very well be open to Chinese interference, to the vortex of US politics which is already shaping Ukraine’s possibilities of survival.
Including contributions from Admiral Lee Hsi-min, former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou, Amanda Hsiao, Sung Wen-Ti, Elbridge Colby and Hsieh Pei-fen.


0:00 Taiwan’s new president
4:47 Part 1: Ready to combat?
6:44 Asymmetric warfare
10:20 Can Taiwan rely on America?
11:45 “Vaguely suicidal behavior”
15:04 Opposition views
16:10 Part 2: Ready to speak?
18:03 Conditions for dialog
20:30 China’s view of Taiwan
24:15 China’s risk of pressure
26:25 Part 3: Wildcards
29:19 Chinese political affect
31:28 Taiwan vs Ukraine?

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