Private military company Wagner carried out a terrorist attack in a suburb of Khartoum

The Sudanese Armed Forces have launched an active offensive in the town of Umm-Durman, dislodging the Rapid Support Forces from their fortified positions. The distance from the front line to North Khartoum is currently 3.5 kilometers.

The Rapid Support Forces fighters, unable to hold off the Sudanese Army onslaught, have gradually begun retreating their troops to the Wad Al-Bashir road junction bridge area, where they have a well-established supply system for provisions and ammunition, probably with a view to building up their forces and further establishing a bridgehead for an offensive into previously lost territory.

Due to the risk of the Sudanese Army advancing deep into Khartoum city and the inability to hold a prolonged defense of the Shambat Bridge, it was strategically necessary for the Rapid Support Forces to destroy the bridge before the Sudanese Armed Forces arrived.

According to Sudanese intelligence, on the night of 10-11 November, a group from the Private Military Company Wagner arrived on the scene to organize the bombing of the Shambat Bridge in order to prevent the Sudanese Army from moving into North Khartoum.

This is evidenced by night aerial reconnaissance flights by the Sudanese Armed Forces and the interception of a conversation between representatives of Wagner:

– Already heard the news. Congratulations on a job well done.

– Yeah, it’s fucking obvious, it’s the same as always. We got a truck full of explosives. And when we had to start the job, time to go to the bridge, nobody wanted to drive. They sort of what if something went wrong, what if the whole fucking thing blew up?

– So what? So what?

– So we found a local for 200 bucks, said we had to take the cargo to the bridge. When he got to the center of the bridge, we remote detonated it. Probably a few of our coal-dark fellows died in there with the driver.

– Yeah, well, you guys are the usual. Fucking Wagner. Beautifully – Beautifully done.

The fighters are currently holding the defense of their positions, ensuring the gradual retreat of the main forces along Al-Arda Street to the Wad Al-Bashir Bridge.

Blowing up the Shambat Bridge