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If you’re searching for the Wordle reply for February 12, 2024 learn on. We’ll share some clues, ideas, and techniques, and eventually the answer. Today’s puzzle is medium problem; I obtained it in 4. Beware, there are spoilers under for February 12, Wordle #968! Keep scrolling if you’d like some hints (after which the reply) to at present’s Wordle sport.

How to play Wordle

Wordle lives right here on the New York Times web site. A brand new puzzle goes dwell day by day at midnight, your native time.

Start by guessing a five-letter phrase. The letters of the phrase will flip inexperienced in the event that they’re appropriate, yellow in case you have the proper letter within the incorrect place, or grey if the letter isn’t within the day’s secret phrase in any respect. For extra, try our information to taking part in Wordle right here, and my technique information right here for extra superior ideas. (We even have extra info on the backside of this publish, after the hints and solutions.)

Ready for the hints? Let’s go!

Does at present’s Wordle have any uncommon letters?

We’ll outline widespread letters as people who seem within the outdated typesetters’ phrase ETAOIN SHRDLU. (Memorize this! Pronounce it “Edwin Shirdloo,” like a reputation, and fake he’s a good friend of yours.)

They’re virtually all widespread letters at present! Three of them are in our mnemonic (with one repeat), and there’s one letter that isn’t however can also be pretty widespread. No uncommon letters at present.

Can you give me a touch for at present’s Wordle?

A typical ingredient in Italian meals. 

Does at present’s Wordle have any double or repeated letters?

One repeated letter. 

How many vowels are in at present’s Wordle?

One vowel, used twice. 

What letter does at present’s Wordle begin with?

Today’s phrase begins with P. 

What letter does at present’s Wordle finish with?

Today’s phrase ends with A. 

What is the answer to at present’s Wordle?

Ready? Today’s phrase is PASTA.

How I solved at present’s Wordle

I began with ARISE and TOUCH, which indicated that A was probably the one vowel. I took a guess at an ST- opening utilizing STAND and tried to eradicate different widespread letters. This informed me that A was most likely used twice, and with the location I had eradicated thus far for S and T, I guessed PASTA. 

Wordle 968 4/6 🟨⬛⬛🟨⬛

A primer on Wordle fundamentals

The concept of Wordle is to guess the day’s secret phrase. When you first open the Wordle sport, you’ll see an empty grid of letters. It’s as much as you to make the primary transfer: sort in any five-letter phrase. 

Now, you should utilize the colours which might be revealed to get clues in regards to the phrase: 

  • Green means you accurately guessed a letter, and it’s within the appropriate place. (For instance, if you happen to guess PARTY, and the phrase is definitely PURSE, the P and R shall be inexperienced.)

  • Yellow means the letter is someplace within the phrase, however not within the place you guessed it. (For instance, if you happen to guessed PARTY, however the phrase is definitely ROAST, the R, A and T will all be yellow.)

  • Gray means the letter isn’t within the resolution phrase in any respect. (If you guessed PARTY and the whole lot is grey, then the answer can’t be PURSE or ROAST.)

With all that in thoughts, guess one other phrase, after which one other, attempting to land on the right phrase earlier than you run out of probabilities. You get six guesses, after which it’s sport over.

The greatest starter phrases for Wordle

What do you have to play for that first guess? The greatest starters are inclined to comprise widespread letters, to extend the probabilities of getting yellow and inexperienced squares to information your guessing. (And if you happen to get all grays when guessing widespread letters, that’s nonetheless glorious info that can assist you rule out potentialities.) There isn’t a single “best” beginning phrase, however the New York Times’s Wordle evaluation bot has steered beginning with certainly one of these:






Meanwhile, an MIT evaluation discovered that you just’ll eradicate probably the most potentialities within the first spherical by beginning with certainly one of these:






Other good picks could be ARISE or ROUND. Words like ADIEU and AUDIO get extra vowels in play, however you possibly can argue that it’s higher to start out with an emphasis on consonants, utilizing a starter like RENTS or CLAMP. Choose your technique, and see the way it performs out.

How to win at Wordle

We have just a few guides to Wordle technique, which you would possibly wish to learn over if you happen to’re a critical scholar of the sport. This one covers the right way to use consonants to your benefit, whereas this one focuses on a method that makes use of the most typical letters. In this superior information, we element a three-pronged strategy for fishing for hints whereas maximizing your probabilities of successful shortly.

The greatest factor that separates Wordle winners from Wordle losers is that winners use their guesses to assemble details about what letters are within the phrase. If you realize that the phrase should finish in -OUND, don’t waste 4 guesses on MOUND, ROUND, SOUND, and HOUND; mix these consonants and guess MARSH. If the H lights up in yellow, you realize the answer.

One extra be aware on technique: the unique Wordle used an inventory of about 2,300 resolution phrases, however after the sport was purchased by the NYT, the sport now has an editor who hand-picks the options. Sometimes they’re barely tough phrases that wouldn’t have made the unique checklist, and typically they’re topical. For instance, FEAST was the answer one Thanksgiving. So understand that there could also be a theme.

Wordle options

If you’ll be able to’t get sufficient of five-letter guessing video games and their kin, the greatest Wordle options, ranked by problem, embrace:

Antiwordle, by which you are attempting to not guess the day’s resolution. You’re required to reuse any letters that you just (oops) guessed accurately, so the longer it takes you, the higher you might be on the sport.