Nicolai Tangen on Leadership, Climate Change, AI and World’s ‘Most Interesting Job’

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The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund was established to invest Norway’s vast fossil fuel riches. But as the energy transition gains momentum, Norges Bank Investment Management has sought to reduce exposure to oil and gas. Instead of divesting, its strategy is to apply pressure from within. Francine Lacqua speaks to the CEO of the $1.6 trillion fund, Nicolai Tangen, about their commitment to climate change, the link between AI and geopolitics, and why he believes he has the most interesting job on the planet.

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00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Tangen on being a leader in 2024
02:52 – Tangen on why he wanted to the job
04:25 – Tangen on inflation outlook, US economy
05:55 – Tangen on link between AI and geopolitics
08:06 – Tangen on hosting his own podcast
10:23 – Tangen on climate change and net zero pledgee
16:19 – Tangen on investing across political cycles
17:51 – Tangen on passion for learning
19:44 – Tangen on long-term investing
22:03 – Tangen on building a good team
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