EU elections: Germany’s far-right AfD expelled from its personal parliamentary group | DW News

Two weeks ahead of European elections, Germany’s far-right Alternative for Deutschland – or AfD – has been expelled from the far-right Identity & Democracy grouping at the European Parliament. This follows a series of scandals largely centering around the party’s lead candidate in the election.

Maximilan Krah was recently quoted as saying that not all members of Nazi Germany’s ‘SS’ were criminals. The AfD responded by banning Mr Krah from making public appearances. Last month, German police arrested one of his assistants on suspicion of espionage.

For more on this, we speak with Nicolai von Ondarza. He heads the Europe Division at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), a think-tank that advises the German Parliament and federal government on foreign & security policy issues.

And we talk to DW correspondent Bernd Riegert in Brussels.


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