Will Russia help North Korea build military satellites? | DW News

A meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin is being watched cautiously by countries in the region. There are concerns North Korea could supply Russia with ammunition in its fight against Ukraine and fears Russia might return the favor, by helping North Korea with its missile programme. Fears articulated by officials from both Japan and South Korea.

No such concern visible on Kim Jong Un’s face however as he extended his visit to Russia by a few more days.

On Friday, he visited an aviation plant in Russia’s far East, that produces the country’s most advanced fighter jets and equipment. Kim was given a tour and witnessed a demonstration flight from one of the jets.

Referring to conversations he had with Vladimir Putin earlier in the week about the political and military situation on the Korean Peninsula and Europe, he said "we reached a satisfactory consensus that we should deepen our strategic and tactical cooperation.“

What form that cooperation would take is unclear, but on the point of military cooperation, Vladimir Putin said the following:

"There are certain limitations. Russia complies with all these limitations. But there are things that we can, of course, discuss. There are possibilities that we take note of and we are discussing them.“

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