Where is your fish from and is it actually what you assume it’s?

Despite strict regulations already in place, a 2021 study conducted by a major news outlet discovered that some 38% of seafood in Europe is mislabeled.

That means that many restaurants and shops are selling much cheaper options than advertised at a far higher cost to the consumer.

In this episode of Ocean Calls, we’re embarking on an eye-opening journey to explore the origins of the seafood on our plates. We will also dive into new EU regulations implemented to improve seafood traceability and what still needs to be done to ameliorate this situation.

At the end of this episode, you’ll learn about the mind-blowing practice of pole and line tuna fishing in Indonesia – as well as getting some invaluable tips for how to cook fresh fish from top Dutch chef Bart Van Olphen.

Follow these links to read more about our guests:

Vanya Vulperhorst, Europe Campaign Director at Oceana: https://twitter.com/VVulperhorst

Francois Mosnier, head of Ocean Programme at Planet Tracker: https://planet-tracker.org/francois-mosnier/

Ocean Tale from Dutch chef Bart van Olphen: https://www.instagram.com/bartsfishtales/?hl=en

Hosted by Euronews science reporter Jeremy Wilks. Produced by Naira Davlashyan and Natalia Oelsner.
The production coordinator is Carolyne Llabe.
The sound editing is by Jean-Christophe Marcaud and sound mixing is by Matthieu Duchaine.
Our editor-in-chief is Sophie Claudet.

In this episode, we used extracts from reports from CBS Evening News on 11 Sept 2016 and The Wall Street Journal on 5 Aug 2016.

Ocean Calls is produced in partnership with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.


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