What’s stopping Ukraine’s backers from giving it what it must correctly defend itself? | DW News

US President Joe Biden has opened NATO’s 75th anniversary summit in Washington with a pledge of more air defense systems for Ukraine. He’s offering Kyiv an additional Patriot system and says allies will provide dozens more anti-missile batteries. This as Biden seeks to reassure allies at home and abroad that he’s up for the job of president. Doubts about his fitness for office continue to plague his re-election campaign. Biden’s offer to boost Kyiv’s defenses came a day after the deadliest spate of air strikes on Ukraine in months.
For more on this, we talk to Fabrice Pothier. He is CEO of the consultancy Rasmussen Global and a former Director of Policy Planning at NATO.

And we talk to DW’s Nick Connolly is in Kyiv.

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