Ukraine’s Vovchansk: The largest metropolis at present within the focus of the Russian assault | DW News

We begin The Day with a change in plans. In an effort to sustain international support for his country’s battle against Russia, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy had planned to visit Spain and Portugal this week.

Instead he spent the day in the city of Kharkiv, visiting wounded soldiers and meeting military commanders. Ukrainian forces have been locked in bitter fighting against Russian troops northeast of Kharkiv since the launch of a surprise offensive last week.

Ukraine says the situation on the front line has been largely secured. But Russian troops have seized a few kilometers of territory on the Ukrainian side of the border. DW’s Max Zander has been to Vovchansk – the largest city currently in the focus of the Russian assault.

00:00 Intro and report
06:02 Talk with Military Analyst Marina Miron

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