Trump Bakes A Loaf Of Nonsense With Bizarre Remarks About Grocery Store Purchases


On Friday, Former President Donald Trump restated a false statement he has previously made at rallies, suggesting that individuals must present identification in order to buy groceries.

“I cannot reword”

During a rally in 2018, Trump renounced his previous statement that a picture on a card or ID is necessary to purchase groceries. However, he has continued to assert this claim, even going as far as stating that an ID is required for buying cereal.

The ex-president faced criticism for another statement regarding food markets during the 2019 partial government shutdown, where he claimed that grocery stores would cooperate with federal employees.

“At times like this, the local community recognizes familiar faces when they shop for groceries and engage in other activities. They have established relationships with these individuals over the years, and they collaborate effectively,” he stated during that period.

People on social media made fun of the former president’s recent comments about groceries, joking that they were asked for identification when buying pumpernickel bread.