The Special Counsel has requested the judge to compel Trump to refrain from discussing the case involving the attempted coup on January 6th.


WASHINGTON — Special counsel Jack Smith is asking the federal judge presiding over Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 case to stop the former president from making inflammatory statements that he said are endangering witnesses and will make finding a fair jury difficult.

In a filing to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkin on Friday, Smith stated that the defendant has consistently and extensively spread public statements criticizing the residents of the District of Columbia, the court, prosecutors, and potential witnesses. Smith also mentioned that the defendant is aware that his public attacks on individuals and institutions encourage others to threaten and harass those he targets.

Shortly after the court posted the request, Trump quickly replied with a statement resembling those mentioned by Smith in his 19-page submission. On his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump expressed his frustration, questioning why he is not permitted to comment while others leak, spread falsehoods, and file lawsuits against him. He used this opportunity to criticize Jack Smith as deranged and label Joe as incompetent.

In his filing, Smith cited Trump’s Aug. 23 post after his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was charged in a separate Georgia case: “THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED & STOLLEN. HOW SAD FOR OUR COUNTRY. MAGA!”

In the filing, he also submitted a post from Aug. 5 where Trump criticized former Vice President Mike Pence for not complying with his request to declare him the victor of the 2020 election. Trump expressed his belief that Pence is delusional and attempting to portray himself as a strong individual.

Smith presented multiple instances of individuals who have been subjected to harassment and threats by supporters of Trump. In the filing, the names of these witnesses were redacted. However, the information provided in the filing indicates that Smith is referring to Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, both of whom are Atlanta elections workers falsely accused of fraud by Trump, as well as Chris Krebs, the former DHS official responsible for election security, who was terminated by Trump after stating that there was no substantial evidence of fraud.

“The accused persists in targeting individuals with these assaults due to his awareness that it stirs up the public and rallies his followers,” Smith stated. “As he openly admitted during a televised community meeting on May 10, 2023, his supporters pay unparalleled attention to his words.”

Special counsel Jack Smith, pictured here, wrote in a filing to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkin that Donald Trump "has spread disparaging and inflammatory public posts on Truth Social on a near-daily basis."
In a document submitted to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkin, Special counsel Jack Smith stated that Donald Trump has been consistently posting derogatory and provocative content on Truth Social.
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Smith also referenced Trump’s statement on August 4th, which was made the day after his arraignment in federal court. In the statement, Trump stated, “If you pursue action against me, I will retaliate.”

“I cannot reword”

Smith provided illustrations of Trump’s assaults on Chutkin and the special counsel’s office, which encompassed Smith as well.

Smith wrote that individuals participating in the criminal justice system, such as court personnel, prosecutors, witnesses, and potential jurors, who come across the defendant’s offensive and provocative messages may have a justifiable concern that they could become the defendant’s next victims.

“I am unable to reword this text.”

“I cannot reword”