The London police have been informed about allegations of sexual assault involving Russell Brand.

On Monday, the London police stated that they had been informed about a sexual assault accusation against Russell Brand, a comedian and actor from the UK.

The police made a statement in response to claims made by The Sunday Times and Channel 4. These claims stated that four women had accused Brand of sexual assault, including an alleged rape in his Los Angeles residence, spanning from 2006 to 2013.

Brand has refuted the allegations, asserting that all of his sexual encounters were “completely consensual.”

The comedian came to prominence as a commentator for the reality show Big Brother. He went on to play major roles in the US films “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” in 2008 and “Get Him to the Greek” in 2010, and was briefly married to singer Katy Perry.

In recent times, Brand has gained popularity as a political analyst and vlogger, sharing content that includes COVID-19 conspiracy theories and inaccurate information about vaccines.

What was the statement made by the police?

The police have stated that they received evidence of an alleged assault occurring in the Soho area of central London in 2003, following the publication of media reports.

“The Metropolitan Police statement stated that the officers are in communication with the woman and will offer her assistance.”

On Saturday, September 16, we initially had a conversation with The Sunday Times. Since then, we have reached out to The Sunday Times and Channel 4 multiple times to ensure that individuals who believe they have experienced a sexual offense are informed about the proper procedure for reporting it to the police.

The claims are being investigated by three companies that Brand used to work for: the BBC, Chanel 4, and the Banijay UK production company.

Brand performances canceled, postponed

The comedian had a scheduled stand-up performance at the Theatre Royal Windsor on Tuesday, but the show has been canceled.

The promoters of the brand’s tour announced that they would be rescheduling further shows.

“We regret to inform you that we will be rescheduling the remaining addiction charity fundraiser shows. Although we are not fond of this decision, we trust that you will comprehend our reasons,” stated the message.

Tavistock Wood, the talent agency, has also severed ties with Brand, expressing feeling deceived by him. The publisher, Bluebird, has chosen to temporarily halt any future partnerships with the comedian.

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