Tensions au Kosovo : un policier tué, un autre blessé, dans une attaque

Deux policiers kosovars qui patrouillaient près d’une route signalée comme bloquée ont été attaqués aux premières heures de dimanche 24 septembre près de la ville de Leposavic dans le nord du Kosovo. L’un d’eux a été tué et l’autre a été blessé. « L’unité de police a été attaquée de différentes positions à l’arme lourde, notamment avec des grenades », a précisé la police dans un communiqué.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, immediately criticized an attack “carried out by professionals, masked and equipped with heavy weapons. We condemn this criminal and terrorist attack,” he wrote on social media. “Organized crime, with financial and logistical support from officials in Belgrade, is attacking our country.”

“I cannot reword”

Serbia, supported by its Russian and Chinese allies, refuses to acknowledge the independence of its former province. The population of this province consists of 1.8 million people, predominantly of Albanian origin, with a Serbian community of approximately 120,000 people living mainly in the northern part of Kosovo. Since a conflict that resulted in 13,000 deaths, mostly Albanian Kosovars, the relationship between these two former enemies has been marked by ongoing crises.

Troubles persistants

Le nord du Kosovo est le théâtre de troubles récurrents, et la tension s’y est brutalement accrue en mai lorsque les autorités kosovares ont décidé de nommer des maires albanais dans quatre municipalités à majorité serbe. Plus de 30 soldats de la KFOR, la force emmenée par l’OTAN au Kosovo, ont été blessés à la fin de mai dans des heurts avec des manifestants serbes.

The international community has repeatedly urged both parties to de-escalate and emphasized that the accession of Belgrade and Pristina to the European Union could be jeopardized by these outbreaks of violence. Ten days ago, the latest attempts at discussions between Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, and Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, failed after only a few hours.

The Serbian party wants, as a prerequisite for any discussion, to obtain a form of association for the Serbian communities in the North, while the Kosovar party requires Belgrade’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence.

Last week, during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, the Serbian president accused the West of hypocrisy, claiming that the recognition of Kosovo was based on the same arguments used by Russia to invade Ukraine.

Le Monde avec AFP