Putin’s struggle economic system: New navy management to mobilize Russia? | To the Point

Vladimir Putin’s shake-up of military leadership signals his readiness for a long war of attrition in Ukraine, as his forces advance in the northeast with new waves of attacks.

Our guests: Nico Lange (Munich Security Conference); Marina Miron (King’s College London); Vladimir Esipov (DW)

0:00 Opener
1:30 Is this Russia’s new offensive?
02:20 US thinking on the situation in Ukraine
03:10 Ukraine does not have enough reserves
03:40 Putin is firmly in the saddle
04:30 The situation at the front is extremely dangerous for Ukraine
04:40 Why was Defense Minister Shoigu removed from office?
05:30 Kyiv is getting mixed signals from the West
06:40 Why did Putin appoint an economist as new defense minister?
08:10 Can Belousov boost the military economy?
09:20 The West should not be afraid of Russia
10:40 Russia is more successful in the war narrative
11:40 The West is sending contradictory signals
15:35 What went wrong with Ukraine’s defense?
16:50 Ukraine has a big problem with corruption
18:20 Do US weapons make a difference?
19:25 A “slow death” for Ukraine?
20:30 Air defense for Ukraine from NATO territory?
22:10 How would NATO react if Russia uses nuclear weapons?
24:40 The West has to think long-term

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