Pressure grows on Biden to finish reelection bid | DW News

As US President Joe Biden was seeking to demonstrate his leadership qualities at the NATO summit, pressure is mounting on him to abandon his bid for re-election.

A blow came from actor George Clooney, who is also one of the leading fundraisers for the Democrats. In the New York Times, Clooney wrote: "We’re not going to win in November with this president […] That’s not just my opinion; that’s the opinion of every senator, member of Congress and governor I’ve spoken to in private."

But slowly, some of those opinions are making their way into public as well. Democratic Senator Peter Welch of Vermont has become the first senator to publicly call for President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race. And in a TV interview, former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to dodge the question of whether or not she backs Biden’s candidacy. She said the decision was up to him.

For more on this, we talk to Boris Vormann. He is a professor of political science and tells us how significant the pressure is on Joe Biden to drop his reelection bid.


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