OAN News Anchor Says ‘Me Too’ To Lauren Boebert’s ‘Beetlejuice’ Booting Excuse


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on Sunday blamed her “overtly animated personality” for the disruptive behavior that saw her booted from a performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical.

“I had a slightly unconventional demeanor. I am widely recognized for possessing a lively personality. Perhaps excessively lively,” stated the congresswoman from the far-right during an interview with Dan Ball from One American News Network.

Ball also expressed agreement and seemed to give a subtle signal to the politician on the far-right side.

Boebert remembered that she was laughing and singing, thoroughly enjoying herself. However, she was asked to calm down a bit, which she did. She stated that she was reprimanded only when she started taking pictures inside the auditorium.

“I have also done it. I have secretly taken them. Shhhh,” responded Ball, who later implied that Boebert was singled out by liberal individuals in the audience.

In her interview with Ball, Boebert attempted to downplay the incident of her and her companion being asked to leave Denver’s Buell Theatre last weekend. She insinuated that it was a trivial matter and a diversion from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) initiation of an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden and the potential occurrence of a government shutdown.

After the surveillance video revealed her deception about not vaping at the show, she issued a sincere apology that contrasted sharply with her previous tone, shedding light on the full extent of her behavior.

“At the time, she stated that during the conversation with her campaign manager about the events of the night, she honestly did not remember vaping. However, we acknowledge the perception of this situation.”