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Here’s an amazing puzzle to sink your enamel into. If you’re in search of the Connections reply for Tuesday, November 21, 2023, learn on—I’ll share some clues, ideas, and techniques, and eventually the options to all 4 classes. Along the way in which, I’ll clarify the meanings of the trickier phrases and we’ll find out how all the pieces suits collectively. Beware, there are spoilers under for November 21, NYT Connections #163! Read on in order for you some hints (after which the reply) to as we speak’s Connections recreation. 

If you need a straightforward approach to come again to our Connections hints day-after-day, bookmark this web page. You may also discover our previous hints there as effectively, in case you wish to know what you missed in a earlier puzzle.

Below, I’ll provide you with some indirect hints at as we speak’s Connections solutions. And farther down the web page, I’ll reveal the themes and the solutions. Scroll slowly and take simply the hints you want!


Credit: Connections/NYT

Does as we speak’s Connections recreation require any particular information?

Nothing too uncommon as we speak.

Hints for the themes in as we speak’s Connections puzzle

Here are some spoiler-free hints for the groupings in as we speak’s Connections:

  • Yellow class – This one has chew to it.

  • Green class – Stylish.

  • Blue class – On the dance ground.

  • Purple class – Don’t be a sucker?

Does as we speak’s Connections recreation contain any wordplay?

There is a class the place the phrases will not be synonyms, however are united as a result of all of them . The relaxation are the extra typical groupings of synonyms or members of a class.

Ready to listen to the solutions? Keep scrolling in order for you a little bit extra assist.

BEWARE: Spoilers observe for as we speak’s Connections puzzle!

We’re about to provide away a number of the solutions. Scroll slowly in the event you don’t need the entire thing spoiled. (The full answer is a bit additional down.)

What are the ambiguous phrases in as we speak’s Connections?

  • The phrase CANINE refers back to the canine household (wolves and coyotes are additionally CANINEs), however a CANINE will also be, like a MOLAR, a kind of tooth.

  • FLOSS is one other dance transfer; ask any little one who performs Fortnite.  You can, in fact, FLOSS your enamel as effectively.

  • A LEECH is a WORM-like creature (however that’s not necessary proper now) that sucks blood from bigger animals. LEECH was necessary in medication throughout the age of bloodletting; they really do a reasonably good job of eradicating blood whereas minimizing ache and an infection. 

  • Something will be in VOGUE whether it is HOT or HIP, or the phrase may additionally check with the journal. You may also VOGUE once you dance like a trend mannequin.

What are the classes in as we speak’s Connections?

  • Yellow: TYPES OF TEETH





Ready to study the solutions to as we speak’s Connections puzzle? I give all of them away under.

What are the yellow phrases in as we speak’s Connections?

The yellow grouping is taken into account to be essentially the most easy. The theme for as we speak’s yellow group is TYPES OF TEETH and the phrases are: CANINE, FANG, MOLAR, TUSK.

What are the inexperienced phrases in as we speak’s Connections?

The inexperienced grouping is meant to be the second-easiest. The theme for as we speak’s inexperienced class is FASHIONABLE and the phrases are: CHIC, HIP, HOT IN.

What are the blue phrases in as we speak’s Connections?

The blue grouping is the second-hardest. The theme for as we speak’s blue class is DANCE MOVES and the phrases are: FLOSS, ROBOT, VOGUE, WORM.

What are the purple phrases in as we speak’s Connections?

The purple grouping is taken into account to be the toughest. The theme for as we speak’s purple class is THINGS THAT SUCK and the phrases are: LEECH, STRAW, VACUUM, VAMPIRE.

How I solved as we speak’s Connections

What can MOLAR be moreover the tooth? (I assume we may discuss uncommon being pregnant problems or the molarity of chemical options, however that feels a bit too specialised for a puzzle like this.) MOLAR and CANINE are each varieties of human enamel, however I don’t see any incisors or bicuspids round. Instead, we should be taking a look at FANGs from snakes or vampires, and TUSKs from elephants or walruses. 🟨

Something will be CHIC, IN, HOT, or HIP. (I reject VOGUE for the grammar; it’s not an adjective.) 🟩 Now we’re right down to the trickier ones. What can VOGUE be besides the journal? Aha–VOGUEing is a dance transfer, as are FLOSS, WORM, and ROBOT. 🟦 Finally, we’re right down to VAMPIRE, LEECH, STRAW, and VACUUM…issues that suck. 🟪

Puzzle #163

How to play Connections

I’ve a full information to taking part in Connections, however right here’s a refresher on the principles:

First, discover the Connections recreation both on the New York Times web site or of their Crossword app. You’ll see a recreation board with 16 tiles, every with one phrase or phrase. Your job is to pick a bunch of 4 tiles which have one thing in frequent. Often they’re all the identical kind of factor (for instance: RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, and SNOW are all varieties of moist climate) however typically there may be wordplay concerned (for instance, BUCKET, GUEST, TOP TEN, and WISH are all varieties of lists: bucket listing, visitor listing, and so forth).

Select 4 objects and hit the Submit button. If you guessed accurately, the class and shade can be revealed. (Yellow is best, adopted by inexperienced, then blue, then purple.) If your guess was incorrect, you’ll get an opportunity to attempt once more.

You win once you’ve accurately recognized all 4 teams. But in the event you make 4 errors earlier than you end, the sport ends and the solutions are revealed.

How to win Connections

The most necessary factor to know to win Connections is that the groupings are designed to be tough. Expect to see overlapping teams. For instance, one puzzle appeared to incorporate six breakfast meals: BACON, EGG, PANCAKE, OMELET, WAFFLE, and CEREAL. But BACON turned out to be a part of a bunch of painters together with CLOSE, MUNCH, and WHISTLER, and EGG was in a bunch of issues that come by the dozen (together with JUROR, ROSE, and MONTH). So don’t hit “submit” till you’ve confirmed that your group of 4 comprises solely these 4 issues.

If you’re caught, one other technique is to take a look at the phrases that appear to have no connection to the others. If all that involves thoughts once you see WHISTLER is the portray nicknamed “Whistler’s Mother,” you is likely to be on to one thing. When I solved that one, I ended up googling whether or not there was a painter named Close, as a result of Close didn’t match any of the plain themes, both.

Another approach to win once you’re caught is, clearly, to learn a couple of useful hints–which is why we share these pointers day-after-day. Check again tomorrow for the following puzzle!