Nicolle Wallace Makes 1 Frightening On-Air Prediction After Trump Gag Order Request


Nicolle Wallace from MSNBC issued a warning that a significant event is about to occur, following special counsel Jack Smith’s request for a gag order against former President Donald Trump. This order aims to prevent Trump from making public statements that could potentially cause a significant and real threat in his Jan. 6 case.

“I am about to share something that is commonly said privately but rarely expressed on television: a significant event is imminent,” Wallace informed her guest Charlie Sykes during the Friday episode of “Deadline: White House.”

Her remarks arrived after Smith, in a federal court filing, cited “disparaging and inflammatory messages” aimed at the court, prosecutors, witnesses and potential jurors. He declared that Trump is aware that he “inspires others to perpetrate threats and harassment against his targets” through his attacks.

The host also referred to an interview on Fox News on Friday where she stated that the network had to change its direction because of threats made by a man towards Democrats in New York City.

“She added that it is widely known that we are entering a dreadful situation and nobody is taking any action.”

I am unwilling to accept the notion that there is no solution. These individuals are obtaining their information, partly due to the absence of integrity displayed by certain individuals – I am uncertain if we can even refer to them as having a backbone anymore. This might even be an insult to spines.

Later on, she inquired Sykes about the message he would like to convey to his grandchildren “when an event occurs.”

Wallace inquired about the whereabouts of the remaining Republicans who have a small number of supporters within the MAGA base, which is often regarded as a negative environment.

Sykes highlighted the numerous warning signs indicating an imminent event and praised Smith’s decision as highly significant.

Sykes stated that this trial is not ordinary, as it involves Donald Trump, a former president of the United States. Trump is known for inciting violence and encouraging people to participate in chaotic events.

He persisted, stating: “The events in 2024 may be extremely terrible. It is highly probable that they will be terrible and those individuals who allowed it to happen, justified it, or ignored it should be held responsible in some manner, even if only within their own conscience and not necessarily politically.”

H/T: Mediaite