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NATO is celebrating its 75th anniversary — in the shadow of unprecedented challenges. Just as alliance leaders were gathering, Russia bombarded a pediatric hospital in Kiev, killing and wounding dozens of children and prompting Ukraine’s president to renew his pleas for additional air defense systems. Whether such support will be forthcoming in future even if Donald Trump returns to the White House is just one of the doubts worrying NATO members. The alliance is bigger than ever, but does that make it stronger, or potentially more divided? Can 32 member states maintain a united front against aggressors? The question: NATO at 75: More Allies, Less Unity?

Marcus Keupp, Department of Defense Economics at the Military Academy of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Rafael Loss, European Council on Foreign Relations

Kristi Raik, International Centre for Defence and Security

00:00 Opener
02:20 Russian war crimes – the new normal?
03:30 A Russian attack on a hospital targeted to show NATO’s weakness?
04:50 The allies are not doing enough to enable Ukraine to win the war
05:45 Video: NATO – united and stronger than ever?
07:40 How great is NATO’s potential?
09:25 Is NATO doing enough to deter a Russian attack on Poland the Baltics?
10:40 How fast could Russia rebuild its military capacity?
12:45 Is Germany still a laggard
14:05 Will the burden to defend Europe shift from the US to the Europeans
15:45 The emphasis of Baltic and Nordic countries is still on transatlantic ties
17:30 We’ve had 30 years of policy failure in Europ
18:00 It takes years to bring the West to a production level that can compare with Russia
18:50 Video: Who is Mark Rutte, the new NATO-Chief?
20:00 Is NATO up to the new challenges?
22:00 Do the new initiatives make NATO Trump-proof?
22:40 Is it enough to promise that Ukraine’s NATO membership is “irreversible”?


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