Nancy Pelosi: ‘It’s Up To The President’ Whether Biden Should Stay In 2024 Race


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) answered the question of whether she thought President Joe Biden should continue his troubled run for reelection with a firm declaration: It’s up to Biden to decide.

“I want him to do whatever he decides to do, and that’s the way it is. Whatever he decides, we go with,” Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

Biden has said he thinks the debate over his mental fitness to run that was sparked by his poor debate performance against Donald Trump has run its course and the party should line up in support of him.

But at least some Democrats on Capitol Hill remain unconvinced. Another House member, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) called Tuesday for Biden to step back from the race.

While Democrats like Sherrill see the danger of Biden losing and simultaneously taking down the chances for Democrats to control either chamber of Congress, others believe Biden still has the best chance to beat Trump again and that public debate over that is unproductive. House and Senate Democrats met separately Tuesday to discuss the impasse, but, in both cases, the meetings were inconclusive.

Pelosi’s comments give both schools something to point to.

“It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run. We are all encouraging him to make that decision, because time is running short,” she said, seemingly overlooking Biden’s comments earlier in the week saying he was staying in the race.

Pelosi said she thinks Biden retains the “overwhelming support” of congressional Democrats.

“He is beloved, he is respected and people want him to make that decision,” she said.