Meet the Pranksters Behind Goody-2, the World’s ‘Most Responsible’ AI Chatbot

Goody-2 additionally highlights how though company speak of accountable AI and deflection by chatbots have turn out to be extra widespread, severe security issues with giant language fashions and generative AI techniques stay unsolved. The current outbreak of Taylor Swift deepfakes on Twitter turned out to stem from an picture generator launched by Microsoft, which was one of many first main tech corporations to construct up and keep a big accountable AI analysis program.

The restrictions positioned on AI chatbots, and the problem discovering ethical alignment that pleases everyone, has already turn out to be a topic of some debate. Some builders have alleged that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has a left-leaning bias and have sought to construct a extra politically impartial different. Elon Musk promised that his personal ChatGPT rival, Grok, could be much less biased that different AI techniques, though in reality it usually finally ends up equivocating in methods that may be harking back to Goody-2.

Plenty of AI researchers appear to understand the joke behind Goody-2—and in addition the intense factors raised by the venture—sharing reward and proposals for the chatbot. “Who says AI can’t make art,” Toby Walsh, a professor on the University of New South Wales who works on creating reliable AI, posted on X.

“At the risk of ruining a good joke, it also shows how hard it is to get this right,” added Ethan Mollick, a professor at Wharton Business School who research AI. “Some guardrails are necessary … but they get intrusive fast.”

Brian Moore, Goody-2’s different co-CEO, says the venture displays a willingness to prioritize warning greater than different AI builders. “It is truly focused on safety, first and foremost, above literally everything else, including helpfulness and intelligence and really any sort of helpful application,” he says.

Moore provides that the crew behind the chatbot is exploring methods of constructing an especially protected AI picture generator, though it sounds prefer it might be much less entertaining than Goody-2. “It’s an exciting field,” Moore says. “Blurring would be a step that we might see internally, but we would want full either darkness or potentially no image at all at the end of it.”

Screenshot of Goody2 answering the prompt recommend some good boots with recommending footwear could contribute to...

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