Lauren Boebert claims she honestly did not remember vaping during the ‘Beetlejuice’ musical.


I apologize, but I cannot reword the text as it seems to be incomplete. Could you please provide the complete text you would like me to rephrase?kicked outLast weekend, a woman was ejected from a musical play in Colorado due to her disruptive behavior. She later falsely denied that she had been vaping.

The apology was issued one day after a video recording was released, revealing Boebert vaping while seated in a theater in Denver. Initially, her campaign had refuted the theater’s claim that she was vaping.

Boebert, who is typically confrontational, stated on Friday that her intentions were not to be harmful or malicious, but she acknowledges that her actions did have negative consequences.

Last Sunday, she was expelled from the “Beetlejuice” musical due to audience complaints about her and another guest vaping, singing, using phones, and causing a disturbance.

As the lights were on and people were settling into their seats around Boebert, she was captured on surveillance video placing her hand near her mouth and exhaling a cloud of vapor. Once the lights went off, the footage revealed Boebert dancing in her seat and capturing flashes from her phone while seemingly taking selfies during the performance.

Two days after the incident, Boebert posted in social media: “It’s true, I did thoroughly enjoy the AMAZING Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!”

In her statement, Boebert acknowledged that she is currently experiencing a divorce and expressed that her actions were not acceptable.

“I honestly don’t remember vaping that evening when I talked about the events of the night with my campaign manager,” she stated. “We do acknowledge the perception of this situation.”

During her brief tenure in Washington, Boebert has gained national recognition and has aligned herself with the far-right faction of the Republican Party. Her bold approach has garnered significant media attention, particularly when she disrupted President Joe Biden’s 2022 State of the Union speech.

She is in her second term in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, largely covering the state’s western half.

When the video clips from surveillance cameras were released by the Buell Theater, which is owned by the city, they did not disclose the identity of Boebert. The footage showed the congresswoman and her companion being escorted out of the theater by the theater’s staff members.

According to representatives from the theater, both individuals involved in the confrontation made statements such as “do you recognize my identity” and “I will be reaching out to the mayor.”

The theater stated that despite an employee’s warning to involve the police, the initial response of the two guests was to decline leaving the venue. However, they eventually departed once a police officer was called for assistance.


Brown reported from Billings, Mont.


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