Jordan Bardella initiates the European campaign, Marine Le Pen launches the campaign for “post-Macron” era.

Marine Le Pen et Jordan Bardella, le 16 septembre 2023 à Beaucaire.

“This is the one and only opportunity to penalize the government’s policies, send a message to Brussels, and designate the movement that will be responsible for preparing the post-Macron era.” By positioning himself on Saturday as a barrier against the “forces of surrender,” Jordan Bardella launched his campaign for the European elections and Marine Le Pen’s campaign for the 2027 presidential election.

In Beaucaire (Gard), a town controlled by the National Rally (RN) since 2014, the president of the party, who celebrated his 28th birthday this week, aimed to make the European elections “the major midterm election” for Emmanuel Macron, whom he considers his “sole opponent”.

In his speech, the outgoing MEP mentioned the European Union, seen as “a host for migrants”, while he advocates for “sending the boats back to the countries of departure”. The one who claims to be the leader of a party with 50,000 members also reiterated his demand for the exit of the European energy market, but it is more of a general political discourse that Jordan Bardella wanted to outline, while Marine Le Pen does not deny wanting to appoint him as Prime Minister if she reaches the Elysée.

En prônant « la puissance » contre « les forces du renoncement », qui vont selon lui de La France insoumise à la macronie, M. Bardella a notamment fait un long dégagement sur les récentes violences urbaines : « Le peuple français, lui, n’attaque pas ses policiers, ne brûle pas ses écoles », a-t-il affirmé, en prônant la suspension des allocations familiales « aux parents de mineurs multirécidivistes ».

Regarding purchasing power, he demands a reduction in employer charges as compensation for a wage increase, stating that “the social urgency of the end of the month and the vital concern of the end of France are not inevitable.” The conclusion is summarized in the slogan: “Restore greatness to France and bring happiness back to the French.”

« Vivement 2027 »

In the Beaucaire arenas, the lead candidate was able to gauge their popularity among the thousands of supporters present. However, they did not have the honor of concluding the RN summer universities, a privilege reserved for Marine Le Pen, who is expected to deliver a speech with “elevated” and “presidential” qualities, as promised by her team in recent days.

Dans la besace de la triple candidate malheureuse à l’Elysée, une « proposition » sur laquelle elle entretenait mystère depuis une semaine : une « Déclaration des droits des Nations et des peuples » destinée à les protéger des « excès de pouvoir d’organismes supranationaux ou de structures commerciales » – comprendre en premier lieu l’Union européenne.

First step of a “grand tour” to convince of the usefulness of her text: Sunday, in Pontida, in northern Italy, where she is invited to speak at the gathering of her “great friend” Matteo Salvini, leader of The League (far-right).

“I cannot reword”

Face aux institutions bruxelloises, Marine Le Pen vante ainsi « les nations » pour « réellement préserver les peuples du monde, demain et pour le siècle qui vient, de l’impact toujours croissant du réchauffement climatique, et de ses conséquences déjà perceptibles sur les flux de population incontrôlés ».

More than the European election, the person who calls herself “a candidate in 2027 until she decides not to be” wanted to outline what her presidency would be: “France and Europe are at a decisive historical turning point, and it is up to us to give our country the momentum it needs to approach this new era with the confidence, principles, and tools that will be essential in the coming decades.”

A la tribune, devant une énorme banderole « Vivement le 9 juin », date du scrutin européen, certains pensaient pour elle : « Vivement 2027 ».

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