Jesse Watters Cracks Up Critics With Wild Reason For Trump’s Courtroom Shut-Eye


Jesse Watters says Donald Trump’s not snoozing through his criminal trial — he’s in a “meditative state.”

The Fox News host offered up the suggestion Wednesday on “The Five” while panelists were criticizing media coverage of the former president’s hush money trial.

“He’s meditating,” Watters said. “He’s in a meditative state. When you’re defensive about something, you avoid something. Trump’s not defensive of being old and tired.”

“He can shut his eyes and not feel bad about it like Sleepy Joe,” he added, using a derogatory nickname for President Joe Biden.

Trump has reportedly been sitting at the defense table with his eyes closed for long stints of the trial, which is in its fifth week.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who was in the courtroom, reported Tuesday that Trump had his eyes closed for 90% of the day, at times with his jaw slack, and that it seemed “impossible for Donald Trump not to be asleep during some of his long, extended eye-closing sessions.”

Trump himself has insisted that he is merely closing his “big beautiful eyes” so he can “listen intensely” and “take it ALL in!!!”

Watters was offered a wake-up call by critics over his “meditating” suggestion.