Jasmine Crockett Destroys GOP Rep. Who Made Derogatory Kamala Harris Remark


Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) didn’t hold back on Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) after he suggested Vice President Kamala Harris was a diversity, equity and inclusion hire.

The Republican lawmaker called Harris a “DEI vice president” on Fox Business while criticizing her as a possible replacement candidate for President Joe Biden.

“If you just listen to what they say, it will tell you everything that you need to know,” Crockett said of the comment on MSNBC’s “ReidOut” on Monday. “Number one, you can obviously see that he’s ignorant as all get-out. Number two, you can see that he wishes he had half the competency of Vice President Kamala Harris.”

She continued, “Don’t talk to me about what a DEI hire looks like, because we know that you have never, ever engaged in diversity, equity or inclusion when it came to your office. So we know that you don’t know anything about hiring diversity.”

She slammed the GOP governors of Texas and Florida for their efforts to dismantle DEI measures in their respective states, calling on Republicans to “come up with actual policies, instead of going after people because of how they look or how they were born.”

“Instead, they need to focus on taking care of the American people, which means that you’re going to take care of people other than just white folk,” she added.

Roy has a history of spouting inflammatory rhetoric. In 2021, he invoked a quote that glorified lynching during a hearing intended to address a surge in anti-Asian violence. His office has called efforts to teach schoolchildren about systemic racism “woke, racist indoctrination.” Earlier this year, he complained that Democrats are trying to “remake America” and “end Western civilization” with their immigration policies.

Since tanking at the June 27 presidential debate, Biden has been fielding a whirlwind of questions over his health and his ability to win against Donald Trump in November’s election.

Should he acquiesce to the growing chorus of calls that he stand aside, Harris is considered the most likely option to take over as the Democratic nominee.