Jamie Raskin skillfully avoids answering Jake Tapper’s question about Kamala Harris as Vice President.


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Thursday repeatedly evaded Jake Tapper’s question of whether Vice President Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Joe Biden in 2024. (Watch the video below.)

The lawmaker’s verbal dance came on the heels of another prominent Democrat, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), giving a noncommittal response on Harris.

On CNN’s “The Lead,” Tapper inquired straightforwardly, “Is Vice President Kamala Harris the most suitable choice as President Biden’s running mate?”

And the dodge was initiated. Raskin shifted his focus to the overwhelming amount of propaganda coming from the MAGA right.

Tapper accused Raskin of using Pelosi’s tactic of evading the question. (Although the previous speaker complimented Harris, she did not explicitly state that Harris was the top choice.) Tapper repeated the question, and Raskin responded by saying that Harris is a great running mate for President Biden, but he did not personally endorse her. He praised both the president and Harris for their accomplishments and stated that he did not want to focus on individual personalities.

Tapper was undeterred.

“I’m not trying to focus on individuals. I simply want to ask a straightforward question,” the anchor stated. “In your opinion, is Kamala Harris the most suitable running mate for President Biden? You have previously expressed that she is outstanding. This goes further than what Speaker Pelosi has said, but do you believe she is the best choice? I don’t intend to create any chaos with this question. I genuinely believe it’s a straightforward inquiry. So, in your view, is Kamala Harris the best running mate for President Biden, yes or no?”

“I’m unsure of any other words I can use,” responded Raskin.

Tapper responded sharply, suggesting agreement.

Here is additional information from the conversation:

I am unsure if President Biden has announced his choice for a running mate. The convention is scheduled for next summer, which is about a year from now. We will go through the selection process during that time.

TAPPER: You claim to be unsure of what to say. However, you have the option to respond positively. You could acknowledge that Kamala Harris is indeed the most suitable vice president and running mate for President Biden. This is the response you have the ability to provide at this moment. Yes, she is.

I haven’t come across any public opinion polls, so I cannot say for sure if you would make a better vice presidential running mate than her, me, or anyone else. I am not aware of any other candidates in terms of polling. However, I can confidently say that she would be an exceptional choice based on her expertise in substance and public policy. Both she and the president have performed admirably in their roles.

Harris, who is often criticized by the right, seems to lack strong support from voters within her own party.

Based on a recent poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov, Democratic voters are showing significantly less enthusiasm towards Harris compared to the previous year.