Is a NATO-Russia conflict inevitable? | DW News Desk

While war rages in Ukraine, both NATO and Russia are getting ready for a direct confrontation. Does Moscow really want a war with the world’s largest military alliance? And how should NATO deal with the Russian threat in the long term?

This week’s panel:
Host 1: Biresh Banerjee
Host 2: Michelle Stockman
Reporter: Alex Forrest Whiting
Audience: Jared Reed

Jade McGlynn: Research Fellow, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Teri Schultz: DW Correspondent covering NATO

Chapter Breakdown:
1:43 Intro and topic: NATO and Russia
5:32 How is Russia preparing for conflict with NATO?
11:20 NATO and Russia in direct confrontation
16:18 What’s Russia’s world view?
18:43 Will a Trump presidency shift NATO policy?
21:10 How does Russia’s past determine its actions?
27:50 Russia’s animousity towards NATO
29:50 What is enough for Russia?
35:10 Is Russia prepared to fight NATO?
38:00 Chat check
39:37 Are NATO forces ready to fight Russia?
44:10 What happens is Russia uses nuclear weapons?
47:20 NATO’s strategy to counter Russia
54:34 NATO and conscription
57:30 Chances of a deescalation between NATO and Russia
59:20 NATO’s role in Indo-Pacific
1:05:35 NATO security guarantees, Article 5
1:07:40 How is NATO dealing with China?
1:13:30 Is there a Russia and China alliance?
1:15:30 Dealing with China: the EU’s job, not NATO’s?
1:17:50 Poll result and wrap

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