“I dedicated a significant amount of time to crafting the letter I left for Biden at the White House,” Trump states.


Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the “nice note” he left for President Joe Biden when he departed office in 2021.

“It’s quite intriguing. He explicitly mentioned that it’s my responsibility to handle, but personally, I believe it’s his duty,” stated Trump in response to Kristen Welker, the moderator of “Meet the Press,” who requested him to provide some insight into the letter.

“I believe the note was quite pleasant. I dedicated a significant amount of time contemplating it. I would appreciate it if he were to excel in his work, regardless of the potential negative political implications.”

In 2021, Biden referred to the letter as “very generous,” which is part of a tradition where outgoing presidents leave notes for their successors.

He refrained from giving any specific information about the letter at that moment, stating that it was a private matter and he would only discuss it after speaking with Trump.

Months after Biden took office, Trump expressed his sincere well wishes to Biden in a heartfelt letter, as shared with Lisa Boothe.

According to the book “Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Biden was said to have found the Trump letter to be surprisingly kind. He kept the letter in his pocket and did not disclose it to his advisors upon discovering it in the Oval Office.

Last year, Jen Psaki, who previously served as the press secretary for the Biden administration, informed Rob Lowe that the president personally read the letter after coming across it.

Psaki mentioned that regardless of whether individuals agree with his political views or not, he handled the situation with great elegance by not explicitly revealing the contents of the letter in that particular moment.

She added, “The duration was quite lengthy. The script, as far as I could tell, was truly beautiful.”

The letters written by presidents are sent to the National Archives and can be accessed by the public.