How is the Kremlin viewing the NATO summit? | DW News

It’s been 75 years since the US, Canada, and Western European countries forged an alliance to defend themselves against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. What began with just 12 members has now grown to an alliance of 32 nations.

The challenges facing them are many. Some old, some new. Supplying Ukraine with what it needs to fight off Russia’s invasion is on top of the agenda. But now it’s not alone. And the geographic focus has also shifted. Leaders want to push back against Russia, China, North Korea and Iran in the Indo-Pacific region.

00:00 NATO leaders gather for 75th anniversary summit
03:35 Ines Pohl, DW Washington Bureau Chief
06:35 Juri Rescheto, Former DW Moscow Bureau Chief (now in Riga)
09:12 Chris Chivvis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


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