Governor Gavin Newsom strongly criticizes the Republican assertion as baseless and describes it as a deliberate deception.


Governor Gavin Newsom of California (D) has strongly rejected the Republican assertion that Democrats endorse and advocate for abortion rights throughout and beyond the birth process, dismissing it as baseless.

“I cannot reword.”

During his interview with NBC’s Kristen Welker on “Meet The Press” that was broadcasted on Sunday, former President Donald Trump spread false information.

Newsom stated that Republicans now had to go in that direction because they had gone too far on the opposite side.

“He informed Bash that this is a deceptive tactic employed by those who want to escape the consequences of their actions, as they do not support women’s basic rights and freedom. The entire matter is purely political. It is not unexpected for Donald Trump to make such statements.”

“I completely disagree with this entire debate, it is simply a political falsehood,” he added.