Fox News Host Hits Vivek Ramaswamy With 2 Brutal Questions


During an interview on Fox News, Vivek Ramaswamy, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was questioned about the purpose of his 2024 campaign and how he would address criticisms of being bothersome.

“I cannot reword”

Ramaswamy expressed his desire to extend the “America First agenda beyond what Donald Trump accomplished” and bring the nation back together.

“I am unable to perform that task while holding the second position or a role in the Cabinet,” he stated.

Bream observed that while Ramaswamy’s national reputation is increasing, our polling data indicates that your unfavorability ratings have also risen.

“I cannot reword”

Ramaswamy dismissed it, stating that “numerous individuals are bothered by my ascent and think that someone who is 38 years old is too young to hold the position of U.S. president.”

“He mentioned that Thomas Jefferson wrote the U.S. Declaration of Independence at the age of 33. Additionally, he casually mentioned that Jefferson also invented the swivel chair during that time.”

Goldberg’s Times piece, titled “Vivek Ramaswamy Is Very Annoying. It’s Why He’s Surging in the Polls,” highlighted quotes from several political commentators.

S.E. Cupp from CNN described Ramaswamy as obnoxious, annoying, disrespectful, and inexperienced. A Republican strategist mentioned that the candidate’s approach became irritating during the initial GOP primary debate. Josh Barro, a writer who went to Harvard with Ramaswamy, conducted an investigation on what makes Vivek so bothersome.

Ramaswamy’s extreme and unconventional views, his out-there persona and his resolute support of former President Donald Trump have seen him surge to unexpected prominence in the primary race, outpacing many political veterans.

In numerous polls, he has consistently ranked third, following Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

Trump, who leads the pack by an enormous margin, has praised the younger candidate and said he’s open to considering him as a running mate. Ramaswamy, however, has said he’s not interested.