Elisabeth Borne announces that authorized distributors are allowed to sell gasoline “at a loss” for “a few months”.

Une station-service Super U à Vertou (Loire-Atlantique), le 13 septembre 2023.

The government will allow distributors to sell gasoline “at a loss” for a few months in order to enable them to “further lower prices,” announces Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in an interview posted online on Saturday, September 16th on Le Parisien’s website.

“I cannot reword”

The head of the government did not accept the opposition’s proposals, which either demanded a refund like a year ago or a decrease in gasoline taxation to cope with the soaring fuel prices, which have reached 2 euros per liter.

“I cannot reword”

“I cannot reword”

Asked about the statements made by the national secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, who called on the French people this week to “invade gas stations and supermarkets,” MmeBorne is “surprised” by these statements that are not “typical of her”.

“I called him to inform him that it was a very inappropriate message and that political leaders should be very cautious with their words in a context where some of our fellow citizens may feel anger,” she explains.

Regarding purchasing power, the head of the government rejects the proposal of the National Rally, which advocates for the elimination of VAT on food products, urging the far-right party to read “studies that have proven that reducing the rate from 5.5% to 0% often does not lead to price reductions.”

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