After a long time of opposition, controversial Hong Kong safety legislation set to cross I DW News

Legislators in Hong Kong are making ready to cross a controversial safety legislation that has been criticized for its impact on human rights.

The legislation has lengthy been demanded by China’s central authorities in Beijing – which has more and more asserted its authority on the island province of Hong Kong lately. Massive avenue protests in earlier years stopped the federal government from implementing the legislation, referred to as Article 23 for a provision in Hong Kong’s structure. But with many opposition activists in jail or in exile, it is anticipated to cross by way of parliament simply.

The new legislation could be a part of Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, which is separate from that of the Chinese mainland. Article 23 requires Hong Kong to suppress dissent and threats to the federal government. The new legislation comprises broad provisions in opposition to treason, riot, espionage, "destructive activities endangering national security", and exterior interference. Human rights advocates say it dramatically undermines due course of and honest trial rights.


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